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Todd Wells

February 15, 1969 - January 5, 2017




Henderson Rea Aycock Thurman Wells

officially announce the death



Todd Christopher Wells


Born in Irving, Texas on February 15, 1969, died in Irving, Texas on January 5, 2017.


Born as the fifth child, and third son to Merlin Elizabeth Thurman Wells and Joe Harold Wells of Irving.


His siblings are John Phillip Wells of Irving; Sandra Carmella Wells Jetton of Houston; Monica Annette Wells of Irving; Michael David Wells of Irving; and Joseph Houston Wells II of Irving.


Brother & Sisters in- law Melissa, Bobbie, Lisa, and Jeffrey were like his siblings.


Beloved children: Stephen Dakota Wells & wife Shelby Layne Wells of Overton, Texas.


Grandchildren: Ashton Nichol Kayleigh Wells; Abbigail Kenzleigh Zoe Wells; and Carter Dakota Bradley Wells.


His ex-wife Gwyn Stacy Green Wells Loven and her parents Vallie & Jonny Green were very precious to him, as she was the love of his life, and will remain so for Eternity.


Nieces and Nephews: Christina Nicole Wells; Stephanie Lynn Wells; Justin Wolfe Wells; Ashley Carmella Jetton; Joshua Keith Jetton; Lauren Annie Wells; Carmella Elizabeth Puccetti; Jacob King; and Dallas Wells.



Todd is a Sevenths generation French Texan.

Maternal Line: Todd is the direct 11th Thurman grandson of Henri Cabaniss of Lasalle, Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, leader of the French Revolutionary Party and Huguenot Crest; the great-great-great grandson of George Washington Henderson of Midlothian, land & mineral owner, and first school superintendent in the State of Texas; the great nephew of JP Henderson, first Governor of the State of Texas; the great-great grandson of Jesse David Rea of Rosebud, land & mineral owner, and first Special Forces Texas Ranger; and great grandson of Jewel Aycock of Dallas, land & mineral owner, Magnolia/ Exxon Mobile & Continental.

Paternal Line: Todd is the grandson of Joseph Houston Wells I, from the Wells Pony Express & Banking family; 4th cousin to author, Herbert George Wells; and grandnephew to Colonel Lysander Wells of the Texas Calvary, Civil War.

Proceeded in Death by:

Beloved sister Monica Annette Wells; great-great grandmother Lillian Henderson Rea; great grandparents Jewel Aycock & Edith Alleen Rea Aycock; great grandmother Lilly Thurman; great grandmother Mimi Shaeffer; grandparents John Thurman & Edith Merlin Aycock Thurman; grandparents Joseph Houston Wells I & Florene Nelda Shaeffer Wells.

Aunt & Uncles: Ruthie Rea & Dr. Reginald Rushing of Lubbock; Wallace & Nadine Aycock; Julia Aycock; Mary Aycock Sanders & Garland Sanders; Bill Branch Sr.; Frank Prasifka; and cousins Ronald Rushing; Elder Duane Aycock who was serving his Lord in Bath, England when he died; and Megan Margolies who died in a tragic accident in Dallas.


Survived by:

Aunts & Uncles: John & Mary Thurman Jr.; Kathleen Thurman McCarroll Blaylock & Donald McCarroll; Travis Blaylock; Brenda Summers Davis & Jimmy Davis; Karen King Giles & Leo Giles; Dawn King Simmonds & Kurt Simmonds; Barbara Wells Prasifka; Janelle Wells & David Roberts.

Cousins: Gary, Jody, Suzie, Debbie, Mark, Billy, Donny, Vicky, Tommy, Travin, Robin, Russell, Jamie, Jill, Merlin, Sydney, Mattie, Barbie, Lisa, Kim, David, Mike, Vicki, Jeanie, Timmy, Lori and all of their many children and beloved grandchildren. Every one of these cousins were Todd’s favorite childhood friends.


All family and friends are hereby invited to attend this farewell and come prepared to share a story about Todd if you wish, or write a note for Todd’s parents about what he has meant to you in your life.


Services will be held on January 21, 2017 at Aria Funeral Home, 1820 N. Beltline Rd., Irving, Texas 75061


Additional eulogy information about Todd’s life will also be released.


John, Sandy, Monica, Todd, Michael, and Joseph would like it if everyone reading this today vowed to be best friends with their siblings the way they have always been.


It’s the only way to roll.






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